Knovio Users are Talking…

The people at KnowledgeVision . . . have come up with a great tool I would find difficult now to do without. I strongly recommend it to anybody looking for a very easy to use tool for their presentations and promotional videos.

Paloma Gonzàlez
Competitive Exam Trainer

I am so impressed with the enhancements to Knovio and what it now has to offer. With Knovio Pro, I am able to create a multimedia presentation using my mobile device, add chapters, footnotes, attachments, and use templates.

Lisa Keohane
Instructional Technologist

It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and content that used to take days to create in some of the more traditional multimedia content tools now takes less than an hour in Knovio. That means we can roll out more video content more quickly than ever.

Kirstin Lynde
Director of Learning and Development

I started using Knovio presentations in my face-to-face classes. The students loved the experience, and some shared the Knovio presentation format with their families who started using Knovio for business presentations (some internationally). All-in-all, Knovio has been a resounding success in my professional life.

Dr. Louisa Rogers
University Faculty Member

Great tools for enhancing learning and material communication. Limitless potential for broadcasting any message, class, product, or idea.

Andy Buckmaster
Multimedia Producer

Knovio is a quick and straightforward way to convert my slide presentations to presentations that come alive with my voice.

James Rolle
Educational Technologist