About Us


Knovio® is an innovative tool for turning PowerPoint® slides into rich video presentations, simply and easily, on desktop and mobile devices. With Knovio, you can take static PowerPoint slides to a new level with video and audio presentations that can be accessed anytime on-demand and shared with others through email and social media. Knovio was developed by KnowledgeVision, the company that makes KVStudio, a video presentation platform for businesses. For more information about Knovio, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

The word “Knovio” comes from a contraction between “Knowledge” and “Vision” as we thought it was very important to have a name that was similar to our already established company name. In Spanish, the word “novio” means boyfriend or love interest and we thought that Knovio would be something that people would love as they discovered how easy it was to create video presentations.


KnowledgeVision is a venture-backed company whose mission is to reinvent the business presentation for an online, on-demand, multisensory, anytime/anywhere world.

Founded by internet content pioneer Michael Kolowich, KnowledgeVision builds on online presentation software originally developed by Kolowich and his team at DigiNovations, a leading digital content production company in the Boston area.

Headquartered in Lincoln, Massachusetts, KnowledgeVision is backed by GrandBanks Capital, Rand Capital, and a group of private investors deeply experienced in software and internet technology.

Knovio and KnowledgeVision are registered trademarks of KnowledgeVision Systems, Inc.